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Voltan Brushless Flexi Roller - 4500Kv - WestRock ESC

Roller Chassis, Brushless Parts, Voltan Flexi
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VoltanTM Brushless Flexi Roller Chassis


You have asked for it, here it is, the first of its kind, a brushless 'roller' chassis ready for you to add your body and race!  You add your LMP or GTP body of choice and enter - The Brushless Revolution.


Each chassis is assembled at KC Racing and bench tested to ensure proper operation of the drivetrain.


No entry level parts here, we selected premium parts to create a fantastic brushless flexi roller.


What you get in this ‘Roller’:

  • KC Racing 4” FC1 chassis

  • KC Racing 4500KV motor (KCR-1106.4500)

  • M2x4mm motor mounting screws 

  • WestRock ESC (WRBLC)

  • 11 tooth ARP pinion gear (ARP-6411S)

  • 37 Tooth Cahoza spur gear (CAH-6437)

  • 3/32” Drill Blank Rear Axle

  • KC Racing 3/32” rear axle bushings (KCR-625)

  • KC Racing Guide

  • 20 gauge silicone jacket primary wires

  • JB medium wonder rubber tires with .500" magnesium hubs (.750" x .810") p/n JBWS

  • Body Mounting Clips


All you have to add your favorite body.