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Stamped Brushless Flexi Chassis

Flexi Chassis, Brushless Parts, Voltan Flexi
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KC Racing VoltanTM FC1 Stamped Stainless Steel 4” Flexi chassis.

The first flexi production chassis exclusively designed for brushless power.  The design has a center rear brushless motor position in a sidewinder location (parallel to the rear axle).  The motor in this position provides a huge improvement in gear mesh compared to an angle winder and places the weight in the center of the chassis to give left and right turn cornering predictability. 

Taking advantage of the brushless motor response, the outer pans have been designed to move the center of gravity forward to reduce rear momentum swing in the turns.  Combine these features and you have the ultimate capability in straightening out the corners.


Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Finish: Ceramic tumbled

Center Thickness: .037” [1mm]

Pan Thickness: .037” [1mm]

Front Bite Bar: .031” [.79mm]

Rear Bite Bar: .046” [1.17mm]

Motor mounting: 9mm x 9mm pattern 

Kit includes Motor Keyhole Lock Bracket, bite bars and body pins.

Weight with Bite Bars: 50.8g