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2mm Motor Conversion Shaft Kit - 5 shafts

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2mm BLDC Conversion Shaft Kit

Includes 5 shafts in the kit.
Need a shaft to convert a brushless motor for slot car use but you don't want to take the time to source materials and make the shaft yourself.  We have done that work for you.

The shaft is made from SUS 303 material
CNC precision machined and ground
The knurled area keeps the shaft secured in the rotor (bell)
We have fitted eMax, Flash Hobby, GEPRC and Mamba motors with these conversion shafts.  The shaft protrusion from the mounting size depends upon the motor size.  
Below are the dimensions from the mounting surface to the end of the shaft for motors we have converted:
  • eMax - RS1306.2700Kv - 13mm
  • Flash Hobby Arthur - 1106.4500Kv - 15mm
  • Flash Hobby Arthur - 1404.3000Kv - 15mm
  • Flash Hobby Arthur - 1408.2800Kv - 11.5mm
  • GEPRC - GR1204.3750 - 16.5mm
  • Mamba Toka - 1408.4100Kv - 11.5mm


As you can see 1306 through 1408 motors have more than adequate shaft protrusion for slot car use.  The shaft can be shortened with a Dremel cutoff disc to achieve shorter installed lengths.


We do not recommend press fit gears for installation on BLDC motors.


We do not recommend the conversion of SunnySky motors.